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Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just as popular a holiday as it has ever been and coming up with the perfect halloween costume idea is as vital as ever. The problem is that there are now so many halloween costumes to pick from that it can be very difficult to know which one will be best for you.

Even when you have put together a list of possible halloween costume ideas you then have to decide if you are going to go buy your halloween costume from a store or are you going to go for a homemade halloween costume instead.


Here at Halloween Costume Ideas, we have done the extensive footwork so that you don't have to do it yourself. We have collected some great examples of halloween costume ideas from around the internet.

No matter if you are looking for a kids halloween costume, a halloween costume for adults or even a pet Halloween costume, you will find examples here.

Plus, everybody at Halloween Costume Ideas knows that halloween is about more than just the costume. So, we have also put together some information on Halloween recipes, safety tips for trick or treating and so much more.

Dive right in and find that perfect halloween costume idea for you and your family.


Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween fun very much depends on selecting the correct Halloween costume. You want your costume to be unique but not so unique that nobody 'gets' it.

Maybe you even want to take the time to make a homemade costume but even if you decide to go that path you still want to make sure you go with the right theme for you. Plus, you don't want to end up with an idea for a homemade Halloween costume that ends up being way too complicated for a mere mortal to pull off.

Here, we have put together a whole bunch of Halloween costumes ideas. All of them will give you a pretty unique look even if they are a classic costume idea.

A lot of the Halloween costume ideas we have listed here focus around the Halloween makeup. The reason for that is even if ten people go as, for example, a clown. Each one of those can look like a totally different costume by just changing up the makeup. You could have a sad clown, happy clown, evil clown, etc. So, that is why we have included a good number of Halloween makeup tutorials amongst the ideas.

Happy costume hunting!

Zipper Face Halloween Costume - This Halloween makeup has to be one of the most unique looks we have ever seen. This makeup tutorial video takes you step by step through how to get this amazing look and storm any Halloween party this year.

Corpse Bride Halloween Costume - This look will have you looking both sexy and spooky at the same time! A great Halloween look for anybody that likes a bit of Tim Burton with their Halloween fun.

Couple Halloween Costumes - Finding the right Halloween couple costume can be a real challenge. This video gives you many simple ideas for costumes that couples can pull off for the big night.

Sexy Cat woman Halloween Costume - Want to go as Catwoman for Halloween but have a really low budget? This video shows you how to get the Catwoman look without putting out much cash at all.

Scarecrow Halloween Costume - The scarecrow costume idea may not be unique but if you make your costume this way you will be a scarecrow unlike that which has ever been seen.

Homemade Mummy Halloween Costume - This mummy costume tutorial shows that classic costume ideas can still be fresh with a little bit of thought. Oh, and this Halloween costume idea costs next to nothing too!

Men's 1950 Style Halloween Costume - Going retro is always good for a Halloween costume. Here we learn how to get two different 1950's look costumes without having to spend much time or effort.

Low Budget Zombie Halloween Costume - Since when were zombies rich anyway? Here we learn how to make a Halloween zombie costume on the lowest of budgets.

Homemade Female Pirate Halloween Costume - Want to be a sexy female pirate for Halloween? This is how to do it and still stand out from the crowd.

Gene Simmons Halloween Costume - KISS was all about the makeup. So, it makes sense that so many people want to go trick or treating in a Gene Simmons Halloween costume. This is how to pull it off at home.

Darth Vadar Halloween Costume - Thinking of buying a store bought Darth Vadar costume? Check out this Darth Vadar Costume review first.

Budget Joker Halloween Costume Makeup - Since the Dark Knight came out, the Heath Ledger Joker look has been all the rage for Halloween. This is how to get the Joker makeup look with very little money or skill.

Women's 1980's Style Halloween Costume - Yes, we feel old when we mention that the 1980's is retro but it is the truth. Here is how to make a 1980's Halloween costume on a budget.

Flapper Halloween Costume Makeup- Flappers make a classy and sexy Halloween costume for just about any woman. The key is to get the flapper makeup done correctly and with the help of this makeup tutorial video that won't be a problem at all.

Sexy Vampire Halloween Costume Makeup- Vampire costumes have been around almost as long as Halloween itself. Still, if you follow this sexy vampire makeup tutorial you will the sexiest vamp around.

Old Lady Halloween Costume Makeup - When all else fails, dress as an old lady for Halloween. This makeup tutorial video show you how to easily age yourself up for that perfect old lady Halloween costume.


Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Humans really do insist on embarrassing their pets by dressing them up in pet

Halloween costumes. Still, we would be lying if we didn't say it can be really funny to see a dog or a cat in a Halloween costume.

So, if you want to put your pet in a costume this Halloween, check out some of these pet Halloween costumes for ideas.

Star Wars Dog Halloween Costume - These Star Wars pet Halloween costumes are just too cute. Check out these two dogs dressed as Princess Leia and Darth Vadar.

Princess Cat Halloween Costume - You have to admire anybody that manages to get a cat dressed into a pet Halloween costume. This cat is going as a princess for Halloween.

Pirate Dog Halloween Costume - This cocker spaniel is looking really cute in his pirate pet Halloween costume. He even has a first mate in the form of another dog.

Elvis Dog Halloween Costume - A pug wearing an Elvis pet Halloween costume? You know that sounds good!


Easy Halloween Recipes

After you have gotten past picking the perfect Halloween costume, the next thing to consider is the Halloween food.

This is especially true if you are hosting a Halloween party. You simply can never plan party recipes early enough.

Still, who has the time to spend hours and hours on planning and preparing food for a Halloween party on top of getting all of the costumes ready. So, follow the link bellow for our top easy Halloween recipe suggestions.

Easy Halloween Recipes - A collection of Halloween recipes which will be perfect for any Halloween party.


Other Halloween Treats

Halloween history - Ever wondered why we celebrate Halloween or if it is celebrated differently around the world? This is the place to find out all about Halloween history.

Halloween pumpkin carving - pumpkin carving is as much a part of the Halloween celebration as costumes. Here are some tips on how to carve the perfect Halloween pumpkin.

Halloween Safety Tips - Halloween night can be so much fun that we can often forget about the importance of trick or treat safety. Here are some Halloween safety tips for all ages.



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